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New Process Transfotms Waste....

New Process Transforms Waste into Product for Controlling Emissions 

By Angela Neville, JD 

In April, Solvay Chemicals Inc. commissioned a new facility that uses an innovative process to recover and transform sodium carbonate waste streams into a market-grade sodium bicarbonate used in air emissions control. Located in Green River, Wyo., the plant reclaims the sodium carbonate waste produced by Solvay’s nearby soda ash plant, which would otherwise be shipped to a detention pond, and creates a new product, SOLVAir Select 300. Once processed, this product can be used at coal-fired power plants and biomass waste-to-energy facilities to cut sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrochloric acid (HCl), and other acid gas emissions (Figure 4).

4. Two-for-one environmental benefits. The SOLVAir Select 300 Plant in Green River, Wyo., reclaims and transforms sodium carbonate w aste streams into a marketable grade of sodium bicarbonate that can be used for cutting SO2, HCl, and other acid gas emissions at coal-fired power plants and biomass waste-to-energy facilities. Courtesy: Solvay Chemicals Inc.

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